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16 gennaio 2006

The Snake against the Monster

Foto aerea M.Oddi - Rum Cay Bahamas

What does evoke to you this water snake? Would you think about the desert and the emerald green of the water blended together in a plot, arid and vivid at the same time.

Flexible curves of the big pregnant Anaconda seem to give life to their puppy, the small rivers by his side.

This picture was taken at 10.30am 27th December 2005, from a two engine plane flying from Fort Lauderdale-Miami to Rum Cay: a little island in the independent state of Bahamas Republic. Place of Fishing and Surfing, a Paradise for fisherman and surfer, few months a year.

Unfortunately in summer time, here you can have big storms and sometimes hurricanes; they are not so strong here. They still have to cross the line and being so incredibly destructive in Florida, Louisiana and Mexico.

Nobody here seems to worry about this tragedy that every year could take away their houses, their boats, sometimes their life. They keep on living in their relaxed laziness and they keep on looking at people coming from the continent as strange creatures to busy and frenetic.

Here in Rum Cay they work, they drink beer and they work again or maybe they stop working and go fishing a Marlin or a Barracuda. Day begin very soon and night too came very soon, faster then to the north, suddenly, taking the breath to the afternoon.

They said Columbus passed by here and after him many more. Spanish ship, English and Mexican. Commercial ships, war ships and rider ships sank here.

But they leaved in the see treasures of no value.

The biggest treasure grows every day on the bottom, close to the cost, did never stop growing, for thousands years: a huge coral forest  made of every shape and colour, it keeps on building beauty and wonder.

Who knows, this last untouched sandy beach could survive for a long time and maybe somebody could forget her, let her living where she is. With her laziness, her beers and her ancient coins.

            Who knows, the World could forget this Piece of See and maybe it will not devour it in his monster mouth. Good Luck Rum Cay!!

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15 gennaio 2006

My American Friends

Hi friends,
I suppose I should have done this before but I did'nt have time and I did'nt have a connection to the net to do this page.
I will try to send you again my blog page link.
Hopefully I will have the effort to write every day the traslation of almost all of my articles in English...well I suppose I will ship the onces that really talk about a matter very, very Italian (like soccer for example...most of all I would never be able to traslate a wonderfull Totti goal action...
Anyway I think I must share this space with you.

In the United State live some of my best friends.
So Friends, here you can enjoy some of the pictures I shoot there. I love you all.

Ps. As I cannot traslate the Home page I wrote :"The think that is shoking me the most in last three day is: "beeing connected to the net with the telephon wire disconnected from the PC...I don't know how I'm at home at my desk..."... But it's no bad, don't you think so?

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